Navigating Telecoms Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive Requirements: Compliance and Implications for Networks

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As the telecommunications landscape continues to evolve rapidly, regulatory frameworks are adapting to ensure the sustainability and environmental responsibility of critical infrastructure. One such regulation gaining prominence is the Telecommunications Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD). In this article, we’ll explore what CSRD requirements entail, when they are set to take effect, and what network operators must do to comply.

Understanding CSRD Requirements

The CSRD is a European Union directive aimed at enhancing the sustainability posture of telecommunications networks and services. It introduces a set of minimum environmental standards and obligations for operators of essential services (OES) and digital service providers (DSPs) in the telecommunications sector. The directive encompasses various aspects of sustainability reporting, including resource management, waste reduction, and environmental impact assessment.

Key Components of CSRD Compliance

Resource Management and Assessment: Network operators must conduct comprehensive assessments to identify and manage environmental risks to their networks and services. This involves evaluating resource consumption, waste generation, and impacts on the environment.

Environmental Measures and Controls: CSRD mandates the implementation of appropriate environmental measures and controls to minimise environmental impact. This includes measures such as energy efficiency initiatives, waste reduction strategies, and sustainable procurement practices.

Environmental Reporting and Disclosure: Operators are required to establish procedures for the transparent reporting and disclosure of environmental performance. This involves documenting environmental metrics, tracking progress towards sustainability goals, and disclosing relevant information to stakeholders.

Supply Chain Sustainability: CSRD emphasises the importance of supply chain sustainability, requiring operators to assess and manage the environmental risks associated with third-party suppliers and service providers. This includes conducting environmental assessments, promoting sustainable practices, and engaging with suppliers on sustainability initiatives.

Cooperation and Engagement: The directive promotes cooperation and engagement among network operators, regulatory bodies, and other stakeholders to enhance environmental sustainability across the telecommunications sector. This includes participating in sustainability initiatives, sharing best practices, and collaborating on environmental projects.

Steps to Achieve CSRD Compliance

To comply with CSRD requirements, network operators should take the following steps:

  1. Assess Current Environmental Performance: Conduct a thorough assessment of existing environmental practices, policies, and controls to identify areas for improvement.
  2. Develop and Implement Sustainability Measures: Develop and implement appropriate sustainability measures and controls based on the identified environmental risks and opportunities.
  3. Establish Environmental Reporting Procedures: Establish procedures for the transparent reporting and disclosure of environmental performance to stakeholders.
  4. Engage with Regulatory Bodies: Collaborate with regulatory bodies and industry associations to ensure compliance with CSRD requirements and promote best practices in environmental sustainability.
  5. Monitor and Review Compliance: Continuously monitor and review compliance with CSRD requirements, track progress towards sustainability goals, and adjust policies and practices as needed.

Implications for Telecoms Networks

The CSRD brings with it a host of implications for networks, from increased reporting requirements to heightened stakeholder expectations. Networks must adapt to these changes by:

Gathering More Environmental Data: The volume of environmental data needed for CSRD reporting will greatly increase, requiring networks to collect and manage a broader range of sustainability metrics.

Involving More Stakeholders: With stakeholders scrutinising environmental performance as closely as financial information, networks must involve more people in the reporting process to ensure accuracy and transparency.

Ensuring Accountability: CSRD reporting requires environmental information to be auditable, necessitating robust data collection and verification processes.

Telecoms CSRD Reporting Requirements

To comply with CSRD requirements, networks must report on key environmental processes, including:

Resource Consumption: Quantifying the resources required to build and maintain telecom infrastructure is essential for understanding the industry’s environmental footprint.

Waste Reduction: Reporting on waste generation and diversion rates allows networks to assess their impact on landfills and implement circular economy practices.

Environmental Impact Assessment: Understanding the environmental impacts of telecom operations enables networks to identify opportunities for improvement and mitigate risks.

Timeline for CSRD Compliance

The CSRD compliance timeline is phased, with different requirements taking effect over the next few years:

  1. Financial Year 2024: Compliance is mandatory for organisations already under the scope of the CSRD.
  2. Financial Year 2025: Large companies not previously subject to the CSRD must comply.
  3. Financial Year 2026: Compliance is required for SMEs listed on EU-regulated markets.
  4. Financial Year 2028: Compliance is mandated for all EU subsidiaries of non-EU parent companies.

How Carritech Can Help You with CSRD

Carritech offers networks a comprehensive solution for meeting CSRD requirements and enhancing sustainability, through our range of services:

Supply of Sustainable Equipment: By offering refurbished and sustainable equipment, Carritech reduces the demand for new manufacturing, consequently minimising the environmental footprint associated with telecom infrastructure.

Asset Management: Carritech facilitates efficient management of technology assets throughout their lifecycle, minimising waste and maximising value extraction.

Recycling and Responsible Disposal: Carritech prioritises environmentally responsible disposal practices for end-of-life equipment, promoting recycling and repurposing to minimise electronic waste.

Ongoing Support for End-of-Life Equipment: Carritech offers maintenance, repair, and technical support services for legacy equipment, enabling businesses to extend the lifespan of their technology investments.

Embracing Sustainability in the Telecoms Industry

As the telecoms industry navigates the transition to CSRD reporting, networks have an opportunity to lead the way in environmental sustainability. By embracing transparency, accountability, and sustainability principles, networks can comply with regulatory requirements and drive positive environmental change.


In conclusion, the CSRD represents a significant milestone in enhancing the sustainability of the telecommunications sector within the European Union. It is imperative for network operators to familiarise themselves with the directive’s mandates, deadlines, and implications for adherence to ensure the sustainability and resilience of their networks and services. Through proactive measures to address environmental challenges and the adoption of sustainable practices, operators can mitigate risks and contribute to a more sustainable future for all stakeholders.

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