Are you making best use of your surplus telecommunication assets?

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Are your telecoms assets becoming a mess? Are you confused by the equipment you have and whether it is still valuable to your company? Are you trying to save room or make space?

At Carritech, our staff have over 40 years of combined experience in the telecommunications industry, meaning we have the knowledge and expertise to understand the equipment that is available in the marketplace and its resale value.

We have close relationships with network operators from all around the world, and we use our knowledge to assist in the management of their surplus assets and realise the best value from it.


Over time telecoms assets can build up within your business. This could be within your maintenance areas, server rooms, office spaces or storage rooms and will often lead to lack of visibility of the total inventory. Most of the time this will mean that you may have equipment that would be beneficial to your network going to waste and not being reused.

How can you tackle this problem without a huge investment in time and resources?

We can help. At Carritech, we are able to de-install and remove all unwanted and excess telecom assets from within your premises before carefully working through the equipment and providing you with a detailed inventory. With our help, you will then be able to use this new information to determine which parts are required to meet the demands of your network. Any required assets will be returned to you for reuse.


If you are looking to sell your unwanted telecoms equipment, but are perhaps unsure of its value or where to start when looking for a buyer, Carritech can help.

One of the most important things when selling telecommunications equipment is understanding the market. This allows us to determine the best value for your equipment, ensuring that you gain from maximum return on your items. Prices often fluctuate within the telecoms market so having our expertise on your side, means that you need not worry that you are selling your equipment below its true value.

At Carritech, we use our experience in the industry, along with our established connections with our buyers from within the market, to ensure that your products are sold for the best possible price.


If your products are damaged beyond repair, or there is no value remaining in a part, then recycling may be the best option. If you are unsure about which of your equipment is best to be recycled, we can help you determine this.

Not only is this a great way to ensure you are having a positive impact on the environment, but you will benefit from the newly created space that your equipment would have been taking up within your business premises.

Key benefits of working with Carritech to manage your assets


  • You benefit from the handling, de-installation, inventory and storage benefits when looking to reuse your telecoms equipment and are unsure of what parts you have available and which will improve your network.


  • You benefit from the expertise of a company, with the force of a large, multilingual sales company and marketing team behind it, to ensure that your products are being sold for the best possible price.


  • You benefit from ensuring your equipment is removed in a way in which adheres to all environmental standards and frees up the space within your business site.

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