Remote Technical Support L3 on Nokia transmission network – International Carrier

Operator Challenges

One of the biggest APAC international carriers, had planned to keep using their ATM/SDH (Ex-Alcatel) legacy network for three more years but the OEM could not offer a cost-effective solution for such legacy technology. This network includes the Network Management System with 16 servers replicated, a total of 32 servers, composed by five network management applications. The Network is composed by more than 27000 nodes covering SDH, DWDM, Ethernet over SDH, MPLS and ATM technologies.

As the customer already had a solution for L1 and L2 support and also had their hardware needs covered, by ramping down the network they decided to approach for a reliable partner to provide L3 technical support, on HW and software.

Carritech Solution

Despite the time zone difference, in less than 30 days Carritech along with a local partner from APAC started to provide an ongoing 24×7 support with the same demanding SLA as the OEM, that is defined as Gold Service. This includes several engineers permanently on call and an average resolution of 10+ tickets per month.

Final Result

  • Substantial OPEX reduction.
  • 4th year of support, in a year-by-year contract base
  • Customer is still using the legacy network while ramping its size down gradually.
  • SLAs and KPI achievement

Network Environment

NMS and Equipment for SDH, WDM, Ethernet over SDH, MPLS and ATM. Nokia (Former Alcatel-Lucent)

Solution Lead Time

30 Days

Carritech Added Value

High reliability. Huge cost reduction, SLAs and KPI achievement, Customer satisfaction, good relationship with level1 and 2 support.

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