How to keep your legacy Alcatel transmission network operational

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Is it possible to keep your legacy Alcatel Transmission Network working, alongside continuous support?

You can and you should!

If your network is still fully functioning and you are delivering services through it, Carritech is not only able to provide you with hardware, and spares and repairs, but can also support your operation team by providing Level 3 support; solving advanced issues that your team can not. Carritech also provides support on procedures for updates/upgrades, etc.

We support the entire range of former Alcatel hardware, including the Network Management System from release NR5.x to release NFM-T passing through 1350 OMS.

A little bit of History

Alcatel, before becoming Alcatel-Lucent and later Nokia, started to develop their transmission equipment, of SDH, DWDM, Microwave and Management Systems.

They brought several types of equipment to the market that could cover not only backbone needs but also customer needs, like the 1641SM, 1651SMC, 1661SM, 1664SM, 1641SX MDR, etc. Alcatel was able to cover PDH and SDH bandwidth till STM-16 or 2,5Gb which was needed at the time.

For ease of management, a management system was built for the operator to view the installed base of equipment, accessing this from a single platform containing all functionalities like the faults/alarms generated and access to configure the services.

With the market becoming more and more demanding, the OMSN (Optical Multi-Service Node) family of products were released. These include PDH, SDH up to STM-64, and Ethernet over SDH/MPLS with interfaces up to 1Gbps, being able to grant different protections, not only at card level like MSP but also to the services, MSPRING and new features in a simpler, friendlier, and comprehensive way of managing the equipment. These also include DWDM products like 1686WM, 1626LM, and CWDM 1692MSE or 1696ROADM for DWDM and CWDM

The Network Management System has suffered an upgrade, introducing several layers called ‘Instances’ to aid with equipment management, and providing graphical presentations of the physical connections, trails and services end to end. These instances are 1353NM, 1354RM, 1354BM-ETH, and 1354SY, amongst others that provide server redundancy, 1359HA, and communication with external Umbrella systems like 1359 IOO and 1359 ISN.

With new releases of equipment that required new features, made to decrease the Network Management System costs and utilise one base platform that can manage the transmission and also the IP, the network Management System adopted several names, first- 1350-OMS and nowadays- NFM-T.

In completion mode

Due to telecom evolution based on bandwidth and new application needs, many carriers started to change and upgrade their networks. Despite moving to new domains like SDN, NFV, and Cloud Services, they still possess what the OEM doesn’t wish to support any more: legacy or end-of-life equipment (EOL).

There are many carriers that for various reasons, don’t want to or don’t have the budget to follow the trend. These carriers still require the hardware and the support to manage and solve their day-to-day problems and needs for the fully working but deployed network.

For those that are moving with the trends, Carritech is a fantastic partner who can help with buying, reselling, or aiding with asset management, all whilst providing Level 3 support whilst the network remains active.

For those wishing to keep your current network, Carritech is a fantastic partner who can provide spares, repairing and refurbishing parts to enable you to keep your equipment and Network Management Systems working with the support of specialized engineers all over the world.

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