Nortel Optera/TN

At Carritech, we support the Nortel Optera/TN with a range of services designed to extend the life of this equipment.

We support Nortel Optera/TN products including:

  • Nortel Optera LH1600
  • Nortel Optical Metro 4100
  • Nortel Optical Metro 4200
  • Nortel Optical Metro 4200
  • Nortel Optical Metro 6200
  • Nortel TN-16X
  • Nortel TN-1C
  • Nortel TN-1C
  • Nortel TN-4X

Do you operate Nortel Optera/TN products within your network?

We are able to offer the following support for this product:


We have thousands of Nortel Optera/TN parts in stock.

Удаленная техническая поддержка

Remote technical support is available for Nortel Optera/TN products

Repair &

We repair Nortel Optera/TN parts.

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Operational Maintenance

Мы можем помочь с поставкой и закупкой запасных частей для вашей телекоммуникационной сети.

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