Ongoing supply of legacy equipment – Operator in South America

Operator Challenges

We have an ongoing support contract, providing OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts to our client that operates TDM technology throughout their network of over 5 million subscribers across three countries.

The OEMs were not able to supply 100% card coverage due to a legacy installed base within the network. This meant that the operator was pushed to apply a 40% OPEX (Operational Expense) reduction on OEM contracts.

Alongside this, due to the life-cycle of legacy equipment, the operator’s hardware purchases made via the OEM contracts increased year-on-year. This, paired with ongoing delays with hardware delivery, were causing a negative impact on the customers SLA (service level agreement).

Carritech Solution

Due to a huge stock of legacy TDM and SDH technologies, we were able to offer the client a cost-effective solution, and provide the parts they needed with a saving of up to 75% compared with the OEM. We were also able to provide very short lead times to meet the client’s needs.

Our experience and expertise with this equipment also allowed us to supply the parts with the specific regional firmware versions that the client needed for each of the three countries in the network.

Final Result

  • Customer was able to extend the life of their telecommunications equipment for over 10 years. They were also able to add other legacy technologies to the support service provided.
  • Total savings over 1 million US dollars.
  • Highly reliable service. Less than 1% of faults found in the parts supplied by Carritech.

Network Environment

TDM Switching and SDH Technologies. Ericsson & Siemens

Solution Lead Time

15 Days (from order request to delivery)

Carritech Added Value

Availability of legacy cards Approx. 75% OPEX savings against OEM prices. Short lead-times. High reliability.

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